January 2017


Every monthly challenge has a main theme. In January 2017 the theme will be… ULTRA CORE.
To participate each athlete needs to be registered in goliaz.com.
Before the challenge starts the athletes will perform Day 0 – Initial Duties. These duties are essential so the challenge adapts to each athletes’s fitness level. Though this will still be a surprise challenge – no infos about the Challenge will be released in advance – it is known by now that this challenge will focus on STRENGTH. Athletes will only know what workout to do the same day they perform it. At 2 am CET the duties for that same day are posted in the GoliazChallenges Facebook Group and in GOLIAZ.COM.

5 days per week.

Everything is customized in Goliaz Challenges. No matter if someone is as strong as Hulk or a bit less – duties are individual.

Reporting the duties is as easy as logging into goliaz.com
If you did not do it yet waste no more time. Be brave!!
For super support you can join a Goliaz Training Group. Find the best group for you here.

Goliaz Team


You want to become a better athlete? So, be a better athlete!

Welcome to the world of GOLIAZ!

Goliaz is a young, rising online Fitness-Platform, helping thousands of athletes boost their performance and reach new fitness levels. Our programme is based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with bodyweight exercises, which guarantees you fast results in improving strength, endurance and appearance without the need for machines or a gym.

A team of dedicated people at Goliaz help you reach your fitness goals by offering you the most individualised and personalised online coach programme on the market! No matter which fitness level you’re at – if you have never done any sport before or are a professional athlete: Our challenges, running every other month, will help you with tailored workouts to go beyond what you ever thought possible. We don’t work with random algorithms. All your efforts are analysed by a real person daily and your next exercises are based on your progress. We offer personal support and a motivating worldwide community. We are the new face of sport.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us now!

Our training approach

Goliaz works with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which means short periods of intense anaerobic exercises alternate with less-intense recovery periods. This training method is proved to be the most effective way of building up strength and endurance in a very short period of time. This kind of training is also a perfect supplement to any other sporting activities, for example OCR, triathlon or marathon and can bring your performance to a whole new level. We offer a great variety of whole body workouts as well as workouts which focus on specific muscle groups with amazing benefits in terms of weight loss, toning and definition, strength and building up mental power. Our personal approach and worldwide community support helps you to push forward, stretch your limits and go beyond when training gets tough.

Our challenges

Goliaz developed its own unique fitness test, a method to measure your calisthenics VO2Max. Our initial tests, which you perform at the beginning of every challenge, are the base to individualise our workouts to your specific fitness level. With our method we can guarantee to improve your performance by 10 to 20 percent within four weeks! New training approaches like isometrics, running workouts, audios and working with a pacer bring in more variety, moments of surprise and above all lots of fun. Finishing a Goliaz challenge takes lots of commitment and effort, but is extremely rewarding. By joining us now, you make the choice to change your life, to challenge yourself, to go beyond. Goliaz will help you on your journey. Make a change – be part of our next challenge!

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