In weeks 1, 7 and 16 you will have the opportunity to upload pictures, and decide if you want to share them with the Coach.

You will get to this option during the setup of your Training Plan week, which will show two extra screens after the “Rank” screen:

  • The “Progress Pictures” screen, where you will be able to take 3 pictures, one from the front, side and back.
  • The “Send to the Coach” screen, where you can decide to share your pictures with the Coach, and to add more details about your goals or your experience in the project so far.

If you choose to send your pictures to the Coach, he will adapt your Training Plan even further, according to your goals and needs. Some athletes will get to work harder on their legs, for example, while others might have a focus on another muscle group. Furthermore, during the week after your picture upload, you will receive an email from the Coach with the results and more tips.

Should you want to keep your pictures to yourself or not want to take pictures, that is also totally fine. Your Training Plan will still be adapted to your configuration.

After taking pictures once, you will find them in the Workload screen in the menu under “Progress”. This way, you’ll be able to see your transformation, and track the visual changes in your body over the time.

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