To achieve the best results in your transformation project, it’s important to pay attention to your diet too. We recommend starting by tracking what you eat and how many calories and macros you consume using one of the many user-friendly apps available.

This approach will allow you to ensure that you are supporting your training efforts in the right way. You can see if you are eating more or less than you anticipated, monitor your macro distribution, and make sure you are getting enough protein to fuel your progress.

After starting the Power Up Training Plan, you can access your personalized nutritional information on the “Nutrition” tab of your Workload screen. Here, you will be reminded of your goals and the weight you set up during configuration.

You’ll also find your Daily Caloric Needs and target values for macros, protein, carbohydrates, and fat that are tailored to your specific goal. Additionally, you’ll see a recommendation for the amount of water you should drink daily to support your progress.

Our extensively tested nutritional algorithm can accurately calculate the calories you’ll burn during your workouts without the need for a smartwatch or chest belt. In fact, our calculations are even more precise than those devices!

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