The GOLIAZ Personal Trainer is the most complete Bodyweight Trainers you will ever meet. Still, you need to set it up correctly in order to take the maximum advantage.


In the bottom menu of the app, choose the Personal Trainer icon (the Coach C).

In this first screen you will start setting your Personal Trainer by inserting some important information:

• Your Weight

• Your Height

• Your Gender (Male / Female)

• Your type of Work (Seated/lying all day, Seated work, Moderately active work, Very active work)

• Your Goal (Muscle Gain Plus, Muscle Gain, Weight Maintenance, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Plus, Weight Loss Extreme)

• Your Diet (Balanced, Protein Plus, High Fat Low Carb, High Carb Low Fat)

All this information is essential for your plan to be set.


Best way to work your training/diet plan is to cycle. For example, if your actual weight is 90 kilos and you want to reach 85 kilos you should cycle between any Weight Loss plan and a Muscle Gain plan. You can drop 2 kilos in Weight Loss, followed by 1 kilo gain in Muscle Gain. Then again 2 kilos down and 1 kilo up, until you reach your goal. After reaching your goal you can use the same approach but for Weight Maintenance (1 up 1 down) or simply stay with Goal Weight Maintenance.


Unless you are familiar with specific Diet Plans (for example Ketogen or Vegan) and/or followed by a nutritionist you should select Balanced Diet.

Once you complete filling the setup screen you should left right and move to the next category, your crosstraining. In this screen you will define how much you want to RUN, CYCLE and/or SWIM. If you don’t want to run, cycle or swim you can fill 0 (zero), it is ok. You will have multiple ways to reach your Crosstraining goals.

Once you are done you swipe left again so you meet the next screen…

You will need to spend some time on this screen when you are setting it for the first time, especially if you are not familiar with some exercises. Basically, you are defining all you want to see included in your plan and what you don’t want to see included in your plan. Reasons can be many:

• Inability – though it is not likely that the Personal Trainer will give you an exercise too easy or too hard for your actual fitness level you can guarantee in advance what you definitely are not yet able to do. Examples: you can be a super athlete but you can’t do Muscle Ups so you should replace them with the options you have, Straight Bar Dips, Pullups, etc; if you can’t do Strict or Kipping HS Pushups you can replace them with Hindu Pushups; if you cannot do a perfect Goliaz Pushup yet you can replace it with Knee Pushups. If you cannot do Pistols you can replace them with Assisted Pistols or Squats;

• Injury – Imagine you cannot work legs because you are seriously injured. Still, you want to workout all other muscles groups. So, you can exclude the workouts that include leg exercises. If the injury is not too serious and you just want to be on the safe side you can also replace a hard legs exercise for a simpler one. Ex: High Jumps for High Knees;

• Temporary or Permanent Replacement – Imagine that one specific week (or some, or all) you cannot run or do workouts where you need to cover distances. In these cases, you can simply replace Run for High Knees. You can also exclude all workouts that include exercises like Lunge Walk, Bear Walk, Army Crawl, etc In resume your possibilities are endless and you can tailor make it perfect for you and your goals.

For all exercises, you can check exactly what they mean and how they are executed by clicking the video thumbnails.

After setting up all exercises, let’s move on. Swipe again to the left and the Fitness Test screen opens. Now the time has come to check how fit you are! We will use 4 exercises to do so: Burpees, Situps, Squats and Pushups.

Once more you have the video thumbnails so you can see how to correctly perform each exercise. You have 2 options: you can click GO and perform the 1 min max, or you can insert it directly by clicking on the input field.


You will perform the maximum number of repetitions with PERFECT FORM. A Burpee without back straight or no jump is not a Burpee. A Situp where you don’t touch with your hands in the floor behind your head and in front of your feet is not a Situp. A Squat where your hip doesn’t go down enough is not a Squat. A Pushup where legs or hips touch the floor is not a Pushup (Yes, Goliaz Pushups are today famous everywhere and even adopted by our competitors).

Now let’s find out your result by swiping once more to the left. In this screen, you are informed what your actual Rank is. This Rank is directly linked to your fitness level and it is very important in the Personal Trainer algorithm. Each Goliaz athlete should focus on progressing in the many Ranks available.

For your knowledge the Ranks are:

• Newbie;

• Novice;

• Intermediate;

• Proficient;

• Experienced;

• Advanced;

• Hardcore.

Right underneath your Rank you see how many repetitions are missing so you reach the next Rank. This should be all athletes priority – progress.

You are also informed about your Workload. The 2750 Points are the Coach advice for the Advanced rank. But if you feel brave you can increase it up to 5000 Points. On the other hand, you can decrease to 1000 Points if you feel you can’t train so much that week. If for example you are subscribed to a Goliaz monthly challenge you may also want to set your workload to zero. Coach advises but it is you who decides how much you want to train.


Goliaz Points are the sum of two factors: cardio and strength. When you see that for example, one workout has 500 points it means that the sum of cardio factor and strength factor results in 500 Points for that specific workout. So, all your efforts are measured in points. For each repetition you do, each distance you cover Goliaz algorithm performs an accurate estimation of the amount of energy and afterburn effect. The direct connection between Points and Energy will make that the Nutrition Plan will be perfectly optimized for your goals.

Time to GO BEYOND. Press now “OK COACH, LET’S GOBEYOND” so you can meet your weekly workload…


So your Week is now set. You will see there the best mix of workouts for your goals. Start them directly from this screen by clicking on them. You will see which ones you already did as they are checked off and you see the time and your PB if you reached a new one.

Crosstraining will be filled progressively throughout your activities. For example, if you go for 5 km RUN then you will see 5K instead of 0K, and therefore only 10K will be missing in your running plan.

You should aim to complete the week at your rhythm but within the week range. Anyway, if you complete the week before the due date you have 2 options: rest or do additional training until due date (Ideal); start a new one right away. In order to end your current PT week and start a new one, hit the finish week button.


In Goliaz we don’t define the number of days you should workout per week as… it makes no sense. Your availability to train may change each week and… also along the week. Besides and as explained, the workload is set using the points/efforts approach. So, if for example, you have set a 3000 points Workload you can either split it in 3 training days with approximately 1000 points per day, 5 days with 600 points, etc… You can also change the Workouts order. No one better than you know when you have access to a Pullups bar, a Dips station, a running track, etc, or even when some specific muscles are too sore and need additional rest so they can fully recover… These approaches allow you full flexibility and control. Still, in each Weekly Workload, you will get an optimized plan, balancing the ideal amount of work for each muscle group, according to your fitness level and goals.


Workouts with 3 moons icon mean they are standard Goliaz workouts, not affected by limitations. Workouts without the 3 moons icon mean these include one or more replacements previously set by the athlete.

Now you know how to handle one of the core functions of the GOLIAZ app. Following the Personal Trainer consistently will make you fitter and stronger fast.




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