March, 31st - April, 17th



  • No subscription needed
  • 2 weeks, 5 days per week
  • Many audio trainings and exciting workouts
  • Big Earn-the-Badge workout


Here we are with a new Fitness Challenge!

Revolution will last for 2 weeks, and we will be training 5 days a week. We will have at least one outdoor training weekly.
You can expect many new audios and exciting workouts.

This is a great chance to get into a fitness routine, and a great opportunity to try out the Goliaz app. Revolution is a FREE CHALLENGE. You do not need a Premium Subscription, so everyone can participate. So, if you have friends, family or colleagues interested in fitness, invite them to fight this Challenge with you!

Hurry up to join us in the Goliaz app.

Let’s #gobeyond together!


If you don’t have the Goliaz app on your smartphone yet you can download it now.

You now need to log into Goliaz App and subscribe to the Fitness Challenge by pressing the FISTS in the REVOLUTION CHALLENGE FEED POST.

You can also subscribe to the Fitness Challenge directly in the CHALLENGE CARDS. Go to the TRAINING SCREEN (the stop watch in the bottom menu), tap on the REVOLUTION card at the top of the screen and press the FISTS. Confirm. Once the fists turn green, you’re subscribed.


31st March 02:00 CET
17th April 24:00 CET


You will get your INITIAL DUTIES Thursday, March 31st. You have until 24h CET (Central Europe Time) on April 3rd to perform them. If you don’t complete them on time, you are out.

31st March 02:00 CET
03rd April 24:00 CET

Home fitness


Revolution will last for 2 weeks, and we will have at least one outdoor training weekly.

All DAILY DUTIES will be normally posted before 2 am CET on the same day they are due. You will be training five days per week, from Monday to Friday, but you can use the weekend to catch up.

We will train outdoors at least once per week, certainly on Fridays, possibly on Tuesdays;

For each daily duty, you have a limit date/time. You can check each limit date/time on the Challenges Screen in front of the specific Daily Duty. If you miss the timeline for a particular Daily Duty you can still continue the challenge, but you will no longer get a Finisher Badge.

If you see “WR” instead of your CUSTOMIZATION for a specific day, it means something went WRONG with your REPORTS. You should email urgently, so the issue can be solved. If a WRONG REPORT situation is not sorted on time you will forcibly be left out of the challenge.

04th April 02:00 CET
17th April 24:00 CET

Muscular build athlete exercising in plank pose during cross training at health club.


Your last Daily Duty is called EARN-THE-BADGE, and it will be posted before 2 am on April 16th. Don’t expect it to be soft. Book at least a couple of hours on your weekend agenda.

If you have done all Daily Duties on time, you will receive your Badge in the app in the days after the Challenge is finished. You will get a notification as soon as it has arrived. Be proud of it, you have earned it!

16th April 02:00 CET
17th April 24:00 CET

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