In this tutorial, you will learn a lot about something that is unique in Goliaz: The Pacing method. By following a beep that gives you the pace for an exercise, you will be able to improve your performance without even noticing!

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If you have performed an Exercise or a Workout for the first time, you will have a Personal Best for it. GOLIAZ offers you tools to get faster and faster. The features Progress, Set Time, and Set Pace are now unlocked. Let’s explore the options with our example ADRASTEA…


Notice that if your Workout was customised with replaced Exercises you will not obtain a PB and these features will remain locked.


In the Progress feature, the app calculates the average pace you used for each set of exercises and it will increase them slightly. To a point that your body almost does not feel the difference in speed but is still faster enough for you to get a new PB.

For ADRASTEA you will get 12 different paces, one for each set of exercises (in the example below you can see Box Jumps with Pace 117 for example).

The algorithm differentiates the Exercises by type, calculating the time it takes you to change to the next Exercise in the app and the time you need to get into position after that. For example, changing from Situps to Lunges is different from changing from Rope Jumps to Lunges – the needed time to move from one position, press the screen and get into the next position is different. The algorithm does these calculations…

If you are able to follow the paces UNBROKEN you will obtain a new PB. If you miss one beep try not to miss many more. If you are totally BROKEN just do your best. In these cases, you may feel you don’t want to follow the beep anymore. So you can press the Mute icon in the Timer Screen… When you are done you will save your workout as usual.


In the option Progress (as in Set Time or Set Pace) you can mute the paces that don’t make much sense. Examples are pure strength exercises or very fast execution exercises. If you are doing pullups maybe the pacing will not be of much use – turn off the pace for that exercise by pressing the respective sound icon, turning it from active to mute. If you are doing High Knees or Flutter Kicks it probably makes no sense to be paced.


Some smartphone processors cannot handle fast beeps. Some can barely handle Paces of 500 or 600. Others have no issue with paces of over 1000.


If you messed up on your PB, not having switched to the next Exercise correctly you will have strange paces saved on your PB. Each Pace is calculated considering the time between both times you press the screen: before starting the Exercise and after completing the Exercise.


Additionally, you can do all the calculation differently. Imagine you are not worried about the individual paces or slow progress. Instead, you want to set yourself a goal time and try to beat it. Select the option Time…

You got a PB of 11:05 in ADRASTEA. Now you want to try 10:56. If you want to define any other Time Goal you just need to press the time and edit it.


If you can follow the different paces UNBROKEN you will reach the time you defined. Once again the algorithm keeps the transitions between exercises constant so only the speed of the many paces is adjusted. Bravo, you got a new PB!! No? Work is done anyway…


Now you will dive deeper into pacing. You already know how it works, what works for you and what doesn’t. So, you can define each Pace individually.

For example, in ADRASTEA you may want to increase the pace of the first round of Box Jumps. Just press the respective edit icon and set the specific pace you want. You can do it by pressing the arrows or simply by pressing the actual pace – a popup will show where you will define the pace. You can customize all individual paces.

An example: imagine that you want to work on your Lunges with slow repetitions, let’s say 4 seconds each. You can define the Pace 75 so you may have a beep every 4 seconds.


The possibilities you have are endless. On the contrary, if you don’t like pacing despite all the incredible advantages it offers you can simply… perform.


When you first obtain a PB do it trying to maintain a constant speed and effort. Try to use reasonable speed, super perfect form and make it UNBROKEN. From that UNBROKEN performance, you will find how amazing pacing can be. Your fitness progress is guaranteed to happen faster.

Wow! That was a long read but now you know how to use the app’s full potential to help you progress. And you will get better fast, you will see! What is keeping you from working out right now? Get your butt up and move!




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