Tips for your first Fitness Challenge

1. Read

Each Daily Duty is described in detail, make sure you fully understand all the info before starting each workout.

2. Ask

Whenever something is unclear, don’t be shy and ask one of the featured athletes in the app or post your question in your Facebook support groups.

3. Don't bite more than you can chew

Prioritize the Challenge and do the duties before you do any additional workload – starting each Duty as fresh as possible is very important. If you are using the Personal Trainer in Goliaz App you will probably want to reduce it, maybe even opting for a 0 points Workload.

4. Take care of yourself

Do your stretching or spend some time on the foam roller to prevent soreness.

5. Better safe than sorry

After you have done your Initial Duties or a Daily Duty, check the Challenge screen in the app, if you can see a green check mark behind it to make sure that you have saved everything. When the deadline is passed, and your Duty has not been saved, you will not get your Finisher Badge.

6. Use the community

If you have not done so already, follow other athletes in the app or join a GTG (Goliaz Training Group). Even if only virtually, sweating together and pushing each other helps a lot. And especially the outdoor days and Earn your Badge make so much more fun if you meet others and fight together. It is very likely that you will find someone who lives close to you.

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