June 27th - October 17th

The Shift
Transformation Project


  • 16 weeks, 5 days per week
  • Individual Training Plan adapted to your goals
  • Many audio trainings and exciting workouts
  • We are working on our fitness together
  • Great, supporting community

The project

The long wait is over: We are starting off with another of our popular Transformation Projects!

Together, we will start 16 weeks of training with THE SHIFT, a plan that we will perfectly adapt to your fitness level and the equipment you want to include. Whether you are just starting out with sports or you are preparing for a competition, if you want to include bodyweight and indoor only, or if you decide for outdoor and weights training, anything is possible. Everyone will have one thing in common: you will give your fitness a real boost. And, as we will do this Project together as a community, it will be easy for you to stay motivated and keep going.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today!

How it works

This year, our Training Plans are fully integrated in the Goliaz app for the first time. In the setup for each week, you will tell us which equipment you want to use, and which exercises you are able to do. We will then create your workload for the week. Usually, we will train for 5 days a week of which you should keep the order, but you can choose yourself on which day of the week you want to work out.

The Warm-Up

We know, you are all excited to get going, that’s why we are already starting with a Warm-Up Training Plan that you can already start in the Training Plan screen in the app. It will prepare you for the weeks to come and help you get familiar with our new Training Plans.


For best results, you should also consider your nutrition during the project. The app will help you here, by calculating the nutritional values, calories and macros, that you should respect. We will advice you on how to choose the best option during the Training Plan setup. We will also provide you with some tips in our blog.


We strongly advise you to join our official Support Group in the app. You can find it by tapping on the MyGTG icon in the bottom menu. Here, you will meet other athletes and are able to ask questions.

First steps

If you don’t have the Goliaz app on your smartphone yet you can download it now.

You now need to log into Goliaz App and get a subscription. If you are a new user, you are eligible to a 14 days free trial in the App or Play Store. 

Next, you press the Coach “C” in the bottom menu to get to the overview of all the Training Plans.

In the top row, you will find WARM-UP and THE SHIFT. Choose your plan and the detail screen opens with a description of the plan and all its features.

Press “START PLAN” to begin the configuration of your Training Plan. Notice, that THE SHIFT will only start after the 27.06.2022. If you want to know more about how to adapt the plan to fit your goals, read our Training Plan Tutorial.


Let's go!

Start the WARM-UP

Get a first taste of our new Training Plans and prepare for the Transformation Project.


Transformation Project


We will start The Shift and advance through the weeks together. If you join later, no problem.


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