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Who or what is Goliaz?

Goliaz is a fitness platform, created by a human Coach. Passionate athletes from all over the world use our app to work out and get fitter. We are a great community of athletes that support and push each other.

What is a Challenge?

A Goliaz Fitness Challenge mostly runs for 4 weeks and usually has a special goal, like muscle gain or cardio for example. During a Fitness Challenge, you will get several Daily Duties a week, from Monday to Friday. Each Duty consists of one or more workouts that are adapted to your fitness level. For most Duties you will get a goal, for example to stay under a certain time. In case you miss the goal... there will be penalties! This way you will always try to reach the goals and #gobeyond. That is one of the secrets why Goliaz Challenges help you improve a lot during a short time. 

What if I have questions, whom should I ask?

Join us on Facebook or email to support@goliaz.com.

What does the Challenge cost?

The Fitness Challenge itself doesn't cost anything. The only thing you will need is a Premium Subscription for the Goliaz app. 

Can I join the Challenge if I am a beginner in sports or overweight?

Yes, of course! All the workouts will be adapted to your level of fitness, no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced athlete. If you are very overweight, please consult your doctor first if it is OK to start a demanding workout regimen.

Can my children join the Challenge too?

To join the Challenge you should be over 18 years old. 

Is the training going to be very demanding?

The training will be demanding, yes. But at the same time, every workout will be individualized to your fitness level so it will be absolutely doable.

Can I also join the Challenge if I'm currently injured?

Health comes first! Make sure that your doctor is OK with you doing exhaustive sports. If you have an OK from your doc, you can join on your own risk. 

What happens if I get sick or injured during the Challenge so that I have to take a break?

Take care! Do not work out sick, when in doubt, consult your doctor. This is not the end of the world. When you cannot train, you should take the time you need to get fit and resume your training afterwards. You might miss this Badge, but the next Challenge will be yours!

Which equipment do I need for Goliaz Bodyweight training?

For most workouts you will only need sports clothes, a mat and yourself. For some exercises you will need Pullup bars, a dip station, a box or a jumping rope. In case you don't have any of those, no problem, you can simply replace these exercises in your Personal Trainer setup.

If an athlete cannot do an exercise, what if there are Workouts with this exercise during the challenge?

If a replacement is allowed, it will be informed in the duties text. If not, he can't perform that day. This is not likely to happen as the challenges are conceived with exercises that all can do.

What are the Initial Duties?

At the beginning of a Challenge, you have to perform your Initial Duties that usually consist of several 1-minute-max and isometric exercises (planks & co) and sometimes also sprints. Between each test, you should rest for a few minutes until your pulse is back to a normal level.

Why are my performances in the Initial Duties so important?

The results of this initial test set your fitness level and are used to calculate the individualization of the upcoming workouts. So plan to spend some time on them the weekend before the Challenge starts. Make sure that you are well-rested and able to give your absolute best. If you cheat during the Initial duties, you will either suffer during the first Challenge days or you will be bored to death, depending on your reported results being too good or too bad. But don’t worry, as Goliaz veterans like to put it: “Coach knows”, and after a few days your individualization will be adjusted.

How does the customization work?

Based on your performance, our Coach will calculate variables for each athlete to adapt a workout for them. That means, that when you will have to do for example X Burpees during a workout, one athlete may have an X=5 and another one X=20. Or, you will for example get a special Time Goal that you will try to beat. There are many options for the customization, just make sure that you read the description of the Daily Duty carefully.

How much time should I plan for my training?

Workouts in the first week mostly take you about 30 minutes, in a 4-week-long Challenge, you can expect them to get closer to an hour or even a bit longer in the last week. The most massive workout will be “Earn Your Badge” though.

What kind of workouts can I expect?

We have a great variety of workouts at Goliaz! While the app also offers weight and crosstraining, we will only use bodyweight workouts during the Challenge. But don't worry, you will not get bored. Some workouts will include classic exercises like Burpees, Pushups or Situps, outdoor workouts will add running and "moving" exercises like Lunge Walks, Bear Walks or Burpee Frogs. Some Duties will be regular workouts, others will be Audios in which our Goliaz Voice tells you exactly which exercise to do, and many more variations.

What if I see a "WR" instead of my customization at the bottom of a Duty?

This means, that you either did not save a previous Duty in time or your reported value was strange. Please write immediately an email to support@goliaz.com to resolve the issue.

What if I didn't perform a Duty in time?

You will see a red X next to the Duty's name in the Challenge screen. Missing one of the Duties means that you will not become a Finisher and will not get a Badge. You can of course still proceed and do the coming Duties.

What is "Earn the Badge"?

“Earn your Badge” is our grand finale, one epic workout for which you will have to go beyond your comfort zone to beat it. Plan to spend a few hours with it. Yes, really. A FEW HOURS. But don’t be scared, you will be able to do it. Take your time, only “surviving” and finishing the task counts. You have not fought through the whole Challenge to give up now. And be assured: you will be so proud after taming that beast!

What does it need to become a Finisher?

If you have done all Daily Duties on time and Earn your Badge, you will receive your Badge in the app in the days after the Challenge is finished. You will get a notification as soon as it has arrived. Be proud of it, you have earned it!




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