By using the Goliaz Audio Module, you will be jumping into a whole new experience in what comes to Bodyweight Training. There are Audios for all fitness levels, all goals, and in all of them you will be permanently not only training but also measuring your progress – yes, exception made to some Audios, you will always fight to obtain a Personal Best.

You might also notice that some Audios are too hard for your RANK, but even so, you will get a good reference about where you are right now, and search the motivation to beat that reference in the future.


In the bottom menu of the app, choose the training icon (the stopwatch).


Under Bodyweight you will find the Audios card. Press it so you may access the list of Bodyweight Audios.

Workouts áudios

Lost in music - choosing an audio

You will find a huge choice of Audio Workouts in the app, don’t be overwhelmed we will show you how to find the perfect Audio for today’s training.

In the AETHEREAL Image, you will preview some info about the Audio. Right below the Audio name you can read Newbie+.

It means that this audio is more suitable to the Newbie Rank and all Ranks above Newbie. If, for example, you see Advanced+ it points that the Audio is more destined to Advanced and Hardcore ranked athletes.



The Ranks are defined after you perform your Fitness Test while setting your Personal Trainer weeks. For your knowledge the Ranks are: Newbie, Novice, Intermediate, Proficient, Experienced, Advanced and Hardcore.

Does the Audio include running distances (Walls), or any specific equipment: Pullups Bar, Dips Station, Box, or Rope for Rope Jumps? You can easily find out by the symbols in the lower left corner of the Audio card. If one option is required, the symbol is shown in white. In AETHEREAL we don’t need any special equipment as you can see.

You are also informed about the approximate length of the audio in minutes, and the cardio and strength involved (between 1 and 5) where 1 is low demand while 5 is high demand. AETHEREAL takes 34 minutes and is quite strength focussed.

In the same image, you can also see an anatomy overview of what muscles will be involved.

The audio main screen

Moving on, press the pic and the main screen for the Audio opens.

Even if you hate to read, you will need to do it now. The description of the Audios inform precisely all you need to know about the Audios and will help you not to mess up.

In the bottom of the description scroll, there is a list of the Exercises included in the audio. If you are not familiar with any exercise, you better check on those videos as you will have no visual support while performing the Audios.


No replacement is allowed. If you can’t perform any Exercise, you don’t do it, period. In the description of each Audio, there are explanations on how to handle with this.

Performing an audio

Ok, did you read everything and know what to expect? Press START. Now you will need to download the Audio by hitting “Download audio” if you did not do it yet.


If you have issues with your smartphone free space you can always visit your Settings and Manage Media. Here you can delete the Audios that you don’t use so often. You can download them again at any time.


It is up to you to allow a phone call to interfere with your training, or not. Still, be informed that if you keep a phone call running for some time, the AUDIO will stop on its own.

Press START and let the fun begin. The countdown in the middle of the screen shows you how much time is left in the Audio. The green circle visualizes your progress.

You finish your training, either by clicking STOP when you go BROKEN or when the Audio is completed. You will then need to answer some questions about your form and your performance. Be honest about both.


When you have done so, hit NEXT.

You can now save your training. The screen will look familiar to you now, it is the same as for Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises.


Depending on the Audio, your PERSONAL BEST may be, for example, your maximum Number of Walls or Repetitions, the longest time you were able to follow the Audio or the number of ROUNDS you managed to do UNBROKEN. But you will always need to have followed the PERFECT FORM in order to make your PB count.

Always check back on the Audios, as we are adding new ones every now and then. There are great Audios for all kind of goals, if you are preparing for an OCR or working on Cardio or Strength. Now you know how they work, have fun exploring!




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