So you want to work on one particular Exercise? You have come to the right place. Let’s get you started!

Choosing your exercise

In the bottom menu of the app, choose the training icon (the stopwatch).

Under Bodyweight you will find the Exercises card. Press it so you may access the list of Bodyweight Exercises.

Sweet agony of choice - the exercise list

After clicking on the Exercises card, you see a long list of Exercises.There are 3 types of them: Reps Exercises (Burpees, Situps, etc.), Distance Exercises (Army Crawl, Bear Walk, Burpee Frogs, etc.) and Hold Exercises (Elbow Plank, Pushup Hold, etc.). Let’s go for a classic one… Situps!

Getting ready to perform your exercise

Use the search option in the upper right corner or simply look for Situps in this long list by scrolling and click on them. You will now see the overview screen.

If you are not familiar with the correct form to perform any exercises you can check the videos by clicking in the icon on the upper right corner.

Next you need to select how many repetitions you want to try. Let’s say you go for 25. Select them in the Choose reps bar.

As you can see, we still have no Personal Best for 25 Situps, so we can only choose the Perform mode.

321GO - Performing an exercise

Click START and you can make yourself familiar with the Perform screen.

On top, you can see a picture of the exercise that you have to perform. During the workout, you can see it as an animation here if you have switched on “Animated Exercises” in the settings you can find in your profile.

Right underneath you find the timer and a reminder of which number of reps and which exercise you just chose.

Reporting your exercise

After hitting START you hear the GOLIAZ Voice saying 321GO and off you go with your Situps! After you performed all 25, touch the STOP button to finish your workout.

In the Save screen, you can add a nice picture, a comment, and share your workout on Facebook. By hitting the SAVE button, your workout is posted to the Feed, your points added to your Overall, and your additional nutrition for the day is calculated.

Now that you are an expert in how to set up your Exercise training in the app, let us show you how to boost your performance with the Progress features in our next tutorial. Or maybe you want to try a Workout or an Audio? Check out these tutorials, too. See you in the Feed!




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