In Goliaz you find the most complete set of Bodyweight Workouts, over 350! You also have many features to explore. Do you want to know more? Let’s dive in…

Choosing your workout

In the bottom menu of the app, choose the training icon (the stopwatch).

Under Bodyweight you will find the Workouts card. Press it so you may access the list of Bodyweight Workouts.

As soon as you see this page you’ll realise there is a neverending scroll. Yes, it’s a huge number of Bodyweight Workouts. You have them for all tastes, fitness levels, goals, etc. If by now you know already what Workout you want to perform you can simply scroll down or search by pressing the search option in the upper right corner.

Filters, filters, filters...

Most likely you are not familiar with all of our Workouts. In order to find the exact right one for that moment you can filter them quite granularly. So, click the filter icon in the lower right corner…

A new screen will show, allowing to filter nearly everything.

The first option is to filter all workouts in which you have a Personal Best. Next, you can define the range of points for the workouts you want to see. And finally, you can decide which muscle groups, fitness level, and additional filters you want to set. For these three, if you click once on an attribute, it turns green, meaning that your search result will only include workouts with this feature. However, if you click the attribute twice, it will turn red and will be excluded from your search. The white button on top of the filters shows you how many workouts match your criteria. Click this button, and you will get to the workout list.


Notice that if you have an active Personal Trainer Week, the list of Bodyweight Workouts will reflect your choices on your Personal Trainer Setup. All the Workouts that include Exercises you have excluded will show 0 points, and naturally, you can’t perform them. Workouts will also reflect the replacements of Exercises that you defined on your Personal Trainer Setup. You can choose to change these adjustments directly in the Workout.

The Workouts' Attributes

Each workout in the list has several attributes. Let’s take a closer look at them from top to bottom.

The three moons tell you that the Workout is Standard – no Exercise was excluded or replaced on your Personal Trainer Setup. Otherwise, the moons are crossed out. Under the moons, you see the number of points the Workout is worth. Directly under the Workout’s name, you find the muscle groups that are mainly involved. On the bottom on the left side, you have a first overview of the Workout’s requirements, if any: Running, High Bars, Low Bars, box or jumping rope. On the right side, the Cardio and Strength intensities are indicated, from 0 (none) to 5 (you will sweat like hell).

Performing a workout

As an example, we will choose ADRASTEA. Check the ADRASTEA Workout main screen.

From here you can see the Points, the sequence of Exercises included in ADRASTEA and the many options at your disposal. As you can see, ADRASTEA was never performed before.


If you are not familiar with any Exercise or with the CORRECT FORM on how to perform it, you can click the Exercises thumbnails and watch the respective video.

In the rare case of you not being able to save a Workout, due to running out of battery, for example, you can log your Workout time manually by clicking the pen in the upper right corner. Of course, you will neither get a PB nor three moons.

On the fly replacements

If you are injured and need to replace one of the exercises, you can do so by clicking on the icon on the right side of each exercise.

In our example, we can exchange Box Jumps with High Knees or Jumps. Confirm your choice with select.


Notice that the Workout is now marked as customized. You will of course neither get three moons nor a Personal Best. If you quickly want to switch all exercises back to their Standard version, you can do so by clicking “Reset workout?”.

And action - during a workout

With option PERFORM selected, let’s go for it… You press START, and the perform screen is shown. Let’s get you ready for rocking your workout. On top, you can see a picture of the exercise that you have to perform. During the workout, you can see it as an animation here if you have switched on “Animated Exercises” in the settings you can find in your profile.

The big timer shows your overall time for the workout, while the smaller timer shows the time for your current exercise.

Right under the actual exercise, we have what awaits you next.

And finally, you have a graphic overview of the whole workout – one block for each round and one brick for each exercise.

Press START so you can hear the countdown 321GO and start with the first set of Box Jumps. Once you complete the first 5 Box Jumps, you need to swipe right or hit NEXT so you can go for the 100 Rope Jumps. Notice that “NEXT” is the whole screen – big enough… On the other hand, if you make any mistake, you can swipe right to return to the previous exercise.


In a Goliaz Workout, you will find exercises where you need to count repetitions, but also Holds (Isometric exercises), for which you need to perform a specific time. The Goliaz voice will inform you when you have completed the Hold time – you will listen to the word “TIME”. In case you did the Hold unbroken you can then press Next and move on to the next exercise. In case you were broken, you should add to the overall hold time the time you have rested. In resume, you can only move to the next exercise after you have performed the whole hold time, regardless you were broken or unbroken. Additionally, some Workouts also include compulsory Rests. In this case, once the required rest time is complete, you will automatically start the next exercise – no need to press Next.

Reporting your workout

After performing your last exercise, you can either go “NEXT” like before or hit STOP. You then will be asked if you are really done, select save.

In the Save screen, you can add a nice picture, a comment, and share your workout on Facebook. By hitting the SAVE button, your workout is posted to the Feed, your points added to your Overall, and your additional nutrition for the day is calculated. 

Congrats on finishing your first workout! How you can work on your performance to get faster and reach new PBs, you will learn in our Progress Tutorial.




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