Your personal Fitness Coach

We make you
Fitter. Faster. Stronger.

Your personal Fitness Coach

We make you
Fitter. Faster. Stronger.

The right fitness plan for you: Every body is different, and every sport is different. We provide you the best training plan to hit your fitness goals. 


Find your Training Plan

We are going to build a big library of Training Plans spanning from general Fitness Plans to very specific sports focused plans, like “Football pre-season” or a marathon plan.

As soon as you have chosen your Training Plan, you will be able to adapt it to your fitness level, the equipment you have and the exercises you can do. During a Training Plan, after a short learning phase, the workouts will be adapted to your performance, the Coach will give you goals to reach and suggest weights to use.

The global approach

Whether you are training for an OCR or Triathlon race, or just focused on getting fitter, Goliaz is the answer. With full personalization, Goliaz supports any fitness level, from absolute newbies to world-class athletes.

In our all-inclusive Training Plans you will meet the whole variety of Goliaz activities, bodyweight, weights, and crosstraining. Workouts, Supersets, Strength Training, plus our spectacular audios.


Always FUN

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Here, you will find the answers to most of your questions. Before messaging our support, make sure that you have checked here if you can find the info you need.

Goliaz is a fitness platform, created by a human Coach. Passionate athletes from all over the world use our app to work out and get fitter. We are a great community of athletes that support and push each other.

A Goliaz Challenge mostly runs for 4 weeks and usually has a special goal, like muscle gain or cardio for example. During a Challenge you will get 5 Daily Duties a week, from Monday to Friday. Each Duty consists of one or more workouts that are adapted to your fitness level. For most Duties you will get a goal, for example to stay under a certain time. In case you miss the goal… there will be penalties! 😉 This way you will always try to reach the goals and #gobeyond. That is one of the secrets why Challenges help you improve a lot during a short time. 

If you use Facebook messenger, you can simply use the messenger button here in the lower right corner to drop a message or you can find Goliaz on Facebook. Another option is to email support@goliaz.com.

Normally, the Coach will give you workouts for about 5 days a week, 30-60min training. But you will be able to choose on which days you want to train and if you prefer to squeeze all into 4 days for example.

For most workouts you will only need sports clothes, a mat and yourself. For some exercises you will need Pullup bars, a dip station, a box or a jumping rope. In case you don’t have any of those, no problem, you can simply replace these exercises in your Personal Trainer setup.

For our Kettlebell workouts, you will need a 12 or 16kg Kettlebell. For our other weights workouts a Barbell and enough plates to allow you combinations of every +2 kilos. The exercises we will cover will require possibly a horizontal bench too.

Example: if the total weight on a Bench Press you have is 40 kilos and you can do for example 10 slow reps with perfect technique and no breaks… then you need more weight.

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