You want to work on your strength and a specific skill? Then you will love the GOLIAZ Strength module!

Time to choose - the strength exercise list

In the bottom menu of the app, choose the training icon (the stopwatch).

Under Bodyweight you will find the Strength card. Press it so you may access the list of Bodyweight Strength Exercises.

After clicking on the Strength card, you see a long list of Exercises. There are 2 types of them: Reps Exercises (Pushups, Pullups, etc.) and Hold Exercises (Elbow Plank, Pushup Hold, etc.).

Exercises with reps

Let’s assume you want to work on your Pushups. How many Pushups are you able to do UNBROKEN (in a row) using the perfect form? This number determines the Level you should start with. If you can do 12 clean Pushups, you scroll to 12 in the slider next to “Select Level” on top of the screen and click on it.

In the middle of the screen, you will now see a row of numbers. These stand for the numbers of repetitions you will do in each of the 7 sets. For our example with Level 12 you will perform 5 Pushups in Set 1, then you will have 1 minute rest before you go on with 6 repetitions in Set 2 and so on. But don’t worry, you don’t have to keep these numbers in mind, the app will guide you.

If you are not familiar with the correct form to perform any exercise you can check the videos by clicking in the icon on the upper right corner.

So you are ready to nail this! Click on START on the bottom of the screen. You will see an overview of the whole workout again. This screen should look familiar as you know it from our Exercises module.

On top, you can see a picture of the exercise that you have to perform. During the workout, you can see it as an animation here if you have switched on “Animated Exercises” in the settings you can find in your profile.

Right underneath, you find the overall timer, then a countdown for your set or rest. And under these the number of reps of which exercise you are about to perform.

On the bottom of the screen what’s next and also the blocks that give you an idea where in the whole workout you are at the moment are shown.

Before we go on, we will first have a look at Holds training.

Holds exercises

The Strength training for holds works nearly the same as for exercises with motion. The only difference is that there are of course no repetitions per Set but a time goal in seconds for which you will hold the position. Here you will choose a Level that starts with a time that is about half as long as the maximum time you can keep up the perfect position.

So we will pick Pushup Plank as our example this time. Let’s say, that your maximum for this Hold is 60 seconds. If you check the different Levels, you will find that Level 3 starts with a Set of 30 seconds so you choose this one. You choose to start the workout, and the GOLIAZ Voice tells you 321GO after which you start your Pushup Plank. Only when you hear Rest, you will relax. After 60 seconds have passed, the next Set will start with 321GO.

Reporting your strength workout

After you have finished all 7 Sets, you will be asked how many Sets you did UNBROKEN. Notice: UNBROKEN does not only mean that you could do one repetition per Beep, but that you also used the PERFECT FORM. You click on the question and see a popup in which you scroll to the number of UNBROKEN Rounds you just performed and choose answer.


Notice that you will only get a PB (Personal Best) if you do all 7 Sets UNBROKEN. Your PB is the Level you were able to complete. For your next training, you are ready for the next higher Level.

You have just met a mighty tool that will help you work on specific exercises. Use it wisely!




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