How to make the most out of your workout

Squeezing in a workout into your daily schedule can be hard. We all have to juggle with family, friends and jobs, so that there’s not much time left. So how can we do our workouts in the most efficient way?

Have a plan
Know which workouts you want to do even before starting will save you the time of scrolling through workouts, finding one that suits the moment. Even better, use one of our training plans and your training will be set for you.
Check the needed equipment and prepare all that you will need during the session in advance.
Focus and eliminate distractions
Put your phone on airplane mode, phone calls and notifications can wait until after your training.
If you are not performing one of our audios, turn up your favourite workout music and get into the mood. If you need some inspiration, our community has collected some of their favourites in a Spotify playlist.
Warm up
We wrote a whole article about this, but don’t skip the warm-up, as it will prepare your body for the hard work. Don’t waste the first round of your workout as a warm-up.
Perfect technique
Always use a perfect technique, and check your form regularly in a mirror, by filming or asking a friend. For example a Squat Hold without keeping the upper leg parallel to the floor and the upper body as upright as possible, is much less effective as the real deal. Also, put your muscles to work and don’t use momentum when it’s not required. Keep up a good posture, standing tall, keeping the core engaged!
Pick the right level/weight
An efficient training is the perfect balance between being too easy and too hard. It pushes you to go beyond your limits, but without overwhelming you. This is one of Goliaz’ core principles. With our training plans, you will always get perfectly adapted workouts, and we offer different kinds of tools to find the optimal load for you. Be it with assessments or our unbroken method.
Use the mind-muscle-connection
Simply thinking about and feeling the muscles move you’re targeting during each exercise, can enhance muscle fiber recruitment and activation. And the more and efficiently you engage your muscles, the more they will grow.

If you want to learn more about how to make the most of your workouts, check our other blog articles.

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