The Goliaz Unbroken method

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Progress is one of the main goals of anyone investing time into fitness. We want to get faster, stronger, and  more explosive. In most fitness apps, you only have your PB, your Personal Best, that you can use to push yourself to new limits. With Goliaz, this is different. We offer many tools that help you to improve your performance.

The Goliaz Unbroken Method

An essential part of our progress tools is the Goliaz Unbroken Method: an audio instruction (often a beep) tells you when to do a repetition.

The first idea behind that is, if you are paced, the flow of air in your lungs and your muscles is more constant, and therefore you will delay the exhaustion point.

If you are, for example, doing Pushups on your own, without guidance, you will feel exhausted at some point and think “OK, it’s enough, I will not be able to do the next rep.”. But in truth, you are only at 85 – 90% of your maximum effort. So, we come to the second idea: when you follow a paced instruction, you do not want to stop. You will push harder to also do that next repetition.
Let’s look into some examples, how we are using the Goliaz Unbroken Method.

Get stronger with the Strength Module

You want to work on your strength in a specific bodyweight exercise? The Strength Module is the right tool for you.

After an assessment, the app will give you the correct level to start with. Each level consists of 7 sets with different numbers of repetitions. During each set, you are paced, a beep indicates when you should do one rep. Only if you can do one level unbroken, without missing any Beep, the app will give you a higher level the next time you open that exercise in the Strength Module. Each level gets a tiny bit harder, but as you don’t want to be broken, you will push through.

Get faster with the Progress Mode

Our exercises, as well as our workouts, offer you the option to use different modes to improve your performance.

Let’s assume, you want to improve your time for 50 Burpees. First, you need to perform those 50 Burpees, to set a reference time. Afterwards, different options for using pacing become available when you open the 50 Burpees again. You can use “Progress” and let the app choose the best pace for you, “Time” to set your target time, or “Pace” to set the speed of the beeps yourself. Again, you will follow the pace. This will feel quite easy at the start, as we lose speed when we do an exercise on our own, but soon it will get more challenging to keep the pace. Still, you will keep pushing, not wanting to be broken.

If you use the option “Progress”, the app will give you a time that is only a tiny bit faster than last time. That way, you will hardly feel the difference but still reach a new PB.

Of course, we also use the Goliaz Unbroken Method in different kinds of ways in our audio workouts, the supersets for weights, and the challenges.

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